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Dragonworld an unfinished Game by Heinz Rudolf

After Lethal Xcess was published in 1991, we were rather disappointed by the sales of the game. Despite our bad financial situation, we started developing some new stuff. Claus and I bought two Sega Mega-Drives (AKA Sega Genesis) and two Super Magic-Drives in 1992. We thought of developing games for the Mega-Drive and wanted to use the Magic-Drives as a development system. 

What should I say, I managed to hack into the Magic-Drive and shortly afterwards we could assemble directly from our good old Atari STs into the Mega-Drives. Great! With little documentation I programmed a sprite engine for the Mega-Drive and created some graphics and a nice weapon system which is still working. The game I had begun was called "Danger Zone" and was never finished because I had no documentation for the sound-engine of the Mega-Drive. Shit happens!

Claus quitted developing games shortly afterwards and searched himself another job while I began another project in my spare time. Dragonworld should have been the follow up to Lethal Xcess. Back to the roots, Dragonworld should have been a fantasy shoot'em up like Wings of Death, but it was never finished too.

I started painting lots of graphics and had even some levels ready when the unbelievable happened. My Megafile 30 crashed, and without a backup I was thrown back to zero. Enough is enough I thought and quitted working on that game and stored away my STs. 

2002, ten years later I grabbed my old ST for nostalgic reasons and tried to recover these old damaged files. Some of them could be saved and so you can see them on this website. Enjoy the graphics for Dragonworld.


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