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  This is one of the player sprites of dragonworld, there were some more sprites but they are lost in a harddisk crash back in 1992. This is the only one I could recover from the damaged disk. It's a pity I had no backup...

This knight can operate the cannon or throw daggers at your dragon. Try to kill him quick before he fires huge cannonballs at you.
The cannon is fired by a nearby standing knight, if he lowers his arm, the cannon will fire a shot at your dragon. Be sure to avoid those bullets.
The walking knight can throw daggers at our hero. One knight alone will be no challenge, but if there are more of them things could go worse.
If a ground object is destroyed the explosion on the left will be shown. It won't be used on airborne enemies, they should die somewhat more dramatic. Anyway, I hope you like the explosion.
More to come... 

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