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2008 - 03 - 20 A German guy called "viddi" from the EAB (English Amiga Board) recorded his interpretation of some classic Amiga game tunes and called the result "Amiga meets Piano". Amongst them is the Lethal Xcess Main Theme. Read more about it or just download the MP3 from our jukebox page.

Amiga Meets Piano

2007 - 01 - 29 Due to heavy spam activity that hit our mailboxes, we probably lost some of your feedback mails. If you mailed us about the Lethal Xcess beta or something else and still got no reply, feel free to resend your mail.
2007 - 01 - 06 Thanks to Ijor of the PASTI project we finally found out why the PASTI of the Lethal Xcess beta version didn't work correctly. Read all about it on the download page.


2007 - 01 - 05 Marcer / Elite provided us with another crack of Lethal Xcess, which was done by Vectronix, you can find it on the download page.
2006 - 02 - 03 After a long delay, we are back with some updates which will be added bit by bit to the official Lethal Xcess site. This time we want to inform you that after 15 years Cyrano Jones of D-Bug finally managed to crack Lethal Xcess and make a one disk hard disk installable version which is available from our download page of course...

D-Bug Menu 191 at the Lethal Xcess Download Page

2005 - 01 - 10 Almost one month late we are proud to announce the release of the remains of the C64 graphics of Lethal Xcess. The artist Oliver Lindau also gave his permission to mirror them on the official Lethal Xcess site.
2004 - 01 - 02 The Lethal Xcess Audio CD has been downloaded approximately 200 times yesterday, generating four times more traffic than usual for a month on this site. Wow!
2003 - 12 - 31  We feel very proud to announce the release of the Lethal Xcess Audio CD. Jochen Hippel and Christoph Remspecher have agreed to make the MP3 files downloadable for free. Enjoy the Soundtrack of the Lethal Xcess on our Jukebox page.
2003 - 12 - 24  The Level Editor I wrote for Eclipse is online now, you can download it from the block editor page of the X-Troll website. A manual is not yet included, but I hope to have the time to write one in the first quarter of 2004. Of course all level-maps of Lethal Xcess have been designed with this Editor.
2003 - 11 - 21  SevenEleven strikes again. He uploaded some of his marvellous Hippel remixes at AmigaRemix (a source for freely distributable soundtracks). You can find these pearls in our jukebox now.
2003 - 10 - 08  No big news this time, just the usual maintenance work was done.
2003 - 08 - 20  There are some news covering the lost "Lethal Xcess Audio Compact Disc". Finally I managed to get hold of a full track list. Since I got some extra spare time left, I decided to paint a cover for it.
2003 - 07 - 30  Inserted some meta-tags to stop MS smarttags appearing on my site. Beside that I am preparing some surprise :) that will appear soon on this site.
2003 - 07 - 17  Alive, the Diskmag for Atari ST / Falcon computers goes HTML. Check out the Alive online issues.
2003 - 05 - 02  Today I managed to generate a new image of "Danger Zone" a Sega Mega Drive game I had developed in the early 90th. You can download it from my X-Troll site.
2003 - 04 - 24 Alain Derpin sent me some high quality scan from the Lethal Xcess review of the French ST Magazine plus the missing cover from that magazine. Thanks a lot.
2003 - 04 - 23 This is a black day in the history of the Atari scene. The stronghold of the Atari demo history has fallen. Pacidemo as well as Pacigame vanished from the web completely and left nothing but a short notice that it won't return. Let's hope Brume will allow someone else to continue his work.
Bye bye Pacidemo, we hope you will return.
Thank you Brume, for 6 years of collecting and archiving all that great Atari stuff, we really appreciate your work. Please make sure it won't disappear forever.
2003 - 04 - 14  Today I received an email from Gianni Parotta, who made a CD called Lethal Xcess some time ago. It turned out that he was a former member of the Atari ST scene, so I updated the Jukebox a bit. Gianni seems to be a very nice guy, he will send me a copy of his CD, I will write a review as soon as it arrives. Thanks a lot!
2003 - 02 - 18  I just found the website of Winnie Forster a guy who worked for the famous German PowerPlay magazine. He wrote a book about game consoles and homecomputers called GAMEplan, which looks quite interesting, I will order one and write a review if I get the time. Unfortunately the book is written in German, but apart from lots of text it contains about 100 Hardware-pics & around 400 screenshots as well as 12 pages with technical data on computers, consoles & handhelds.
2003 - 02 - 17  Just some maintaining work and adding a few links that were suggested by some of our valued visitors :) T.R. Schmidt for example sent in the link to a site where most of Celal Kandemiroglus artwork is shown.
2003 - 01 - 25  Added some links to the website of Agent T. and other related stuff. Beside that, the Dragonworld website is now available at http://dragonworld.atari.org/, many thanks to Evil for that DNS entry.
2003 - 01 - 19  Again only a few links were added and moved to different categories.

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Lethal Xcess aka Wings of Death II a classic shoot'em up for Atari ST(E) and Amiga computers was developed by Claus Frein and Heinz Rudolf, Music by Jochen Hippel, Producer Marc Rosocha.


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