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If you have ever owned an Atari ST with a colour monitor, then you will surely know Wings of Death as one of the best shooters ever. Maybe you even know the sequel to Wings of Death called Lethal Xcess - Wings of Death II. But I am rather sure you never heard of Dragonworld.
The project Dragonworld was started in 1992 and was aborted in 1993 by a harddisk crash. Because I simply was to lazy to backup the project files there is not much left of it.

This gallery will show the remains of dragonworld, my very last project for the Atari ST in the nineties. The gallery will be updated from time to time. It depends on the amount of sparetime I can spend on it, as well as on the progress of recovering files from my crashed harddisk. Currently I have only saved a few graphics from dragonworld, but I am confident there will be more in the not so distant future.
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