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You can catch a look at things to come in Lethal Xcess XL here, some of the sprites and backgrounds are finished and I will update this page from time to time to give you an impression what Lethal Xcess XL will look like.
Lethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level ZeroLethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level ZeroLethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level ZeroLethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level ZeroLethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level Zero

This will be the main background of level zero, there will be some variations here and there but it will definitely be a deep space level with rocks on both sides of the screen. (It's not very logical, but it looks better than an empty screen :-)

RotatorThe so called rotator will appear in large numbers. While moving down the screen he swings basically from left to right to hit the player if possible. The rotator will be no real harm, because he can be easily destroyed but the combination with other aliens, especially with ground based cannons can be a real threat.

GliderThe glider flies in from the top of the screen and swings sidewards while moving down the screen. You can easily finish these ones off with a few shots from your front cannon. But beware they will always approach in large numbers and things will get worse if there are aimed shots fired at you from everywhere.

Cannon Little cannons like these will be placed on top of the rocks to make things more interesting, they will have a fixed angle and fire bursts of horizontal shots from each side of the screen. Of course they will be combined with other aliens to make things a bit more difficult :-)

BuzzerThis alien - which is temporarily called buzzer - flies in straight from above,  swings vertically into his shooting position and releases a deadly flash if you didn't kill him first. After releasing his shot he will fly out of the bottom of the screen. Many of these aliens carry valuable bonus items, so you would better be sure to kill them before they start firing.  

Hunter KillerThis cute little HK will surely blast you off the screen. He flies in and fires a lot of bullets in a widely spreaded formation, you better watch out. The sprite is not really finished but I put it on the site anyway, because I don't have the time do do another one yet.

RocketYou know these little rockets from the last level of Lethal Xcess, if you were good enough to get there :-) They had been improved a bit on the graphical side, but will behave just like the ones in level five. lots of them will be fired upwards out of the screen and return to hit the poor player. The rockets will be launched from opening doors, similar to the ones in level five.

Lethal Xcess - Boss of Level ZeroThis is one modification of the level boss, he will appear in several ways but we won't make it too hard to beat him, because this will be the very 1st level of Lethal Xcess XL and everyone should be able to finish it with some practice. The boss will transform and reappear one or two times and maybe he will be included in later versions of Lethal Xcess too. 

Many other aliens will follow. For example we will draw some kind of asteroids that can be shot in half. Maybe they will be the same style as the background rocks.

If you think you can match this graphical style and want to support us, feel free to contact us via the contact button on the main menu.


More to come...

Lethal Xcess aka Wings of Death II a classic shoot'em up for Atari ST(E) and Amiga computers was developed by Claus Frein and Heinz Rudolf, Music by Jochen Hippel, Producer Marc Rosocha.


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