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Project Lethal Xcess XL

We are currently working on a slightly advanced Version of Lethal Xcess. It was former called Lethal Xcess 2002. It will feature the following improvements:

  • Additional graphics and text for the endsequence, which should give you a nicer award for finishing the game.
  • An additional completely new level zero which will be easier to complete than the other ones. There will be well known enemies as well as completely new ones. Of course there will be a new level boss.
  • Bug-Fixes in the Amiga-Version of Level 5. It's only a color animation but it's missing on the Amiga.
  • We are thinking about a "caravan stage" like many games on the pc-engine had.
  • Possibly there will be some changed or additional player weapons.

This version will be released for the original machines, the (Mega) ST(E) and the Amiga 500. It will run on some emulators like STEEM and UAE too. We are also thinking about a Falcon and TT version.

Current Team Members

  • Cyclone of X-Troll (Coder/Artist) 

Current Problems

The source code is pretty fat and causes the assembler to crash from time to time. This throws us back every time it happens.

View the progress of that project.


Project Lethal Xcess PC

Lethal Xcess will be coded for Windows-PCs with DirectX and C++. The main aim of this Project will be to learn coding in C++ on a Windows platform. The source will be the base for future developments. Marc Rosocha promised to support us, he converted Wings of Death to the PC, but he cannot release it, because he didn't own the rights (They belong to Thalion Software).

Projekt Lethal Xcess GBA

When the PC-Version is finished, a GBA Version is planned too, but that will take some time. Because we have to study the hardware first.

You want to support us?

1st of all let me tell you, that the whole project runs on our spare time. We have no idea if anybody wants another LX or LX II today, but we got sick of all these 3D ego shooters and want to do something else.
There is no way we can tell you if we ever get paid for all the work, nor could we offer any payment for you. We will do it just for fun. If you still like 2D shoot'em ups and want to speed up development, there are several ways to support us.

  • Graphics
    If you are an artist which is able to draw good looking graphics with only 16 colors from a fixed palette. You are welcome. Feel free to contact us, and we will tell you what we need, and in which format.
  • Sound
    If you can deliver additional tunes in TFMX format, or if you can edit it (e.g. adding samples) you are welcome. Hi Jochen (Mad Max) are you still alive? Another sound format would be possible too, but you have to include the original samples from Lethal Xcess and your routine has to work on PSG, STE-DMA and a special parallel port sound device.
  • Ideas
    You have an incredible idea for anything that suits a vertical shoot'em up? Feel free to tell us about it.
  • Money
    Developing games is a serious business, we never earned much with Lethal Xcess. To speed up things we can use your donations to work less in our real profession and spend more time on LX and perhaps on LX2.
  • Webspace
    If you can offer free, fast and reliable webspace with PHP or ASP support, where we can put some active content and maybe some downloads, just tell us.

And remember this is a spare time project, no pressure, no rules, no money. It's just for fun. Everybody does what he likes most and when he wants to. If you join us, you can quit whenever you want. 

But there is one thing: If you want to support us, you need to own all rights for the stuff you supply to us. We won't like to get into trouble because of the usage of anything which rights we don't own. You can still use your stuff for any personal purpose, but if you deliver anything, you will give us the exclusive rights to use it for LX or any sequel. Be sure you will get your credits and if we ever earn any money with LX you will get your part too.

To give you an impression what we need, I will release some information about the progress of each step, when I get the time.

Lethal Xcess aka Wings of Death II a classic shoot'em up for Atari ST(E) and Amiga computers was developed by Claus Frein and Heinz Rudolf, Music by Jochen Hippel, Producer Marc Rosocha.


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