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Lethal Xcess related Sites

X-Troll site by the Cyclone 
This is the X-Troll site maintained and created by Cyclone / X-Troll. It shows a lot of stuff we did in the early 90s.
X-Troll site by Nexus 6 
This Page shows how we wasted our time before Lethal Xcess. Thanks to Mirko for his site about the Cracking- / Demo-Group (X)Troll.
Thalion Web shrine
As the link says a shrine for Thalion games, there are Amiga and Atari ST versions of Lethal Xcess downloadable.
The Thalion Source
Lethal Xcess was no product of Thalion it was released by Eclipse. But you'll find some Tests here as well as a big scanned picture.
Nice website, archive of several videogame magazines, most old cult games and a test of Lethal Xcess in the Amiga Joker Magazine.
Ami Sector One 
Nice Emulator Page for Amiga, you can download Lethal Xcess there and read a short review.
The Legacy
This game museum shows screenshots, and cover-scans of Lethal Xcess. 
Shows a good quality cover-scan of Lethal Xcess and downloadable music for Amiga, Atari ST and YM-2149.
The Amiga OS friendly Hard disk-Install Package Website offers you a Hard-Disk Patch for Lethal Xcess. It will only work if you have an image of the original disks.
Twilight World
Believe it or not Richard Karsmakers is back with a story to Wings of Death II - actually it has nothing to do with the game, but check out yourself.
You find all Hippel-COSO music's of Lethal Xcess here.

Shoot em up Sites

Shmups MK2 
The term 'shmups' was first seen in a sadly missed UK Commodore 64 magazine called Zzap!64, and was used to describe that classic genre - The Shoot'em-Up. And shoot'em ups are just what you'll find there.
Cool website with lots of information on the very best shooters on nearly all systems. This page is frequently updated and maintained, so be sure not to miss anything. There is also a huge links collection, you should find anything you need there.
Blazing Lasers 
You can find information on a few nice shooters from different platforms at this site. Games like Axelay, R-Type, Einhänder and Radiant Silvergun.

Barrax Empire  

Visit the Barrax Empire, the web's 2D space shooter database. The information given here are a bit short, but there are some links to other Shoot'em up related sites.
Heaven Arts
This site isn't completely a shoot'em up related but it offers some very nice articles about the history of shoot'em up games and the evolution of shoot'em ups. Of course you have to understand French if you want to enjoy this site, which main topic is game analysis.
Destroy all Monsters
This website is dedicated to the world of the sprite-based video game, and paying special heed to that much maligned entity.. the VIDEO GAME BOSS! There are many graphics, tunes and information about a lot of classic titles across a variety of videogame systems including both console and arcade machines.

ST(E) Demo Crew Sites

Who's that? Hmmm, three guys from Hattingen in Germany, who coded a lot, but never released any stuff. Somehow it happened that Animal Mine got one of our demos by accident and released it in one of their compilation disks. Our only official releases had been the Audiopac-Demo and Lethal Xcess...
Atari ST Demo History 
Flix of Delta Force did this nice collection of famous ST-Demos, you can download all the essential stuff there. Give it a try.
Very well styled site with oldskool Atari Demos and nice Java stuff. The site looks really stunning.
Well, everyone from the  ST-scene should know this site, called "The Leonard Homepage" aka "The alternative Programming page". It's the home of the ST-Sound plugin, we use in our jukebox and of many other great stuff like Saint
The link is placed here because Oxygene released some Demos in the early 90s and still developed more stuff until today!
What should I say about AN COOL? Everybody would know this guy as a member of TCB. Just visit his Website from 1997 and enjoy some nice stuff.
The site of "The Carebears" hasn't been updated since 1997 and JQuake and FragIsland have gone. But for historical reasons I include what's left of my favourite ST Demo Crew.
Good looking nostalgic site belonging to Sync. It seems nobody updates anything since 1997, but the site still looks great.


Unlimited Matricks did a Website to show their oldskool stuff too. Thanks for "The dark Side of the Spoon", great main menu.
I never heard of this crew since May 2002. They coded some nice demos and the famous French drawing program "Synthetic Arts". Besides they painted a font that looked very similar to the one used in LX. I was really stunned when I saw their logo, and thought they had been inspired by the LX font. Well, I had never been so wrong. In a nice email-discussion with Jérôme Hubert AKA Metal Ages we found a surprising fact. You can read all about it in the forthcoming issue #5 of the diskmag "Alive". It's a funny story.
Nothing but an impressive logo yet. I suggest you rather try the Sector One Homepage instead.
Sector One 
Get nice sounds, tools and demos from the creators of "Odd Stuff", a demo I like very much. You can even catch a look at the members of Sector One.
The P.H.F. was formed in 1983 by Grazey. In the first couple of years their output consisted mainly of BASIC demos for the C64. In 1987/88 they bought Atari STs and learnt how to code MC68K. Their first full Atari demo was released in 1989. They mainly did music demos and ripped every music that came their way. Later they did stuff on the Amiga and some games.
Dead Hackers Society 
News, competitions and events of the Atari demoscene. There is a nice bulletin-board too, which seems to be very helpful sometimes. Besides DHS offers lots of Atari tool downloads.
The Sirius Cybernetics Cooperation (TSCC) is a group that got famous when we had already left the ST scene. Visit their site and see for yourself.
Cream HQ 
Does anybody need an explanation? I don't think so. Enjoy their nice website and download lots of cool YM stuff. 
Mad Max 
Jo Hippel and his current website presenting the "4 Penöre" all texts on this site are in German language and it seems Jochen finally published his "real" curriculum vitae. The site has nothing to do with Atari or Computers in general, but it's quite funny anyway. You wouldn't believe it, but Jochen is the guy on the right side. 
DBUG/Next aka Mike Pointier made some nice ST demos including the Phaleon Demo from 1992, maybe one of the biggest demos ever. The site is pretty huge and you find lots of interesting stuff there, give it a try. Btw the site is in French and English.
Persistence of Vision 
Persistence Of Vision, started in 1987 as a demo packing and demo writing crew. Mac Sys Data, Boris and Ozymandias were the most productive and long lived members. They created over 130 compilations, which are all available for download from their site...
Fun Industries 
The Falcon only crew FUN (Falcon Users Netherlands) was founded by Bonus, Wingleader and O.T.M. They were joined by TheMatch and Earx later, when the older members started to become more and more inactive, the crew was joined by NUT, D-Force, Havoc and as last Comp7. At EIL'99 the crew changed its name to Fun Industries.
D-Force /
Fun Industries 

D-Force put his own homepage online, but there are only some party photos and a BBS available. However if you want to see some Atari scene guys ...
Visit the official Homepage of the Overlanders from the Union. There isn't much stuff online but you might want to leave a message in their guest book.
Nice site with all major releases and some information on the members of this fine Atari demo crew.
You will find most of their demos here, as well as some source codes and not to forget "Whip" the virtual light-machine for your Falcon 030.
Atari Boys
The Atari Boys did a screen for the famous Nostalgic-O-Demo and some other screens. The site showed a stunning font made by Tanis for Return of Medusa, unfortunately the page has been replaced by another one, which can't compete with the previous one.
(currently offline)
I have actually no idea who this guy is but his website looks really nice and there are lots of YM playing in the background.
Atari ST / Falcon Scene Database 
You can find a huge archive with data and links to many Atari crews on that site. There are many details on crew-members and homepage-links. You will also find the opportunity to vote for all kinds of stuff.

Atari Demo Collection Sites

You should find all Atari ST(E) related demo stuff here. Very good looking site with all demos you would ever wish to get your hands on.
This site presents you a nice collection of Atari demos. It had to be a lot of work to collect and archive all that stuff. Great work!

Graphic Artists

Henk Nieborg 
Henk Nieborg was responsible for the artwork in Lionheart, Ghost-Battle and Flink. He did a very nice website, which is technically and visually brilliant.
Celal Kandemiroglu 
This unofficial site shows a lot of Celals work, you can view his game covers and posters as well as lots of magazine and book covers and some in-game graphics. 
Alain Brobecker AKA baah/Arm's Tech presents his collection of Atari scene artwork. Additionally he presents some demos, articles on special graphics technologies and some links of course.
SHThree / Reservoir Gods
This site is still under construction as all sites on the web but is shows a nice collection of Kevin Dempsey's work.
Edo / Sector One 
You will find some pictures drawn by Philippe van Meenen in a brief gallery.
Exocet /

Exocets latest GFX, his activities on Atari ST and Amiga, a bunch of oldschool games, some scene stuff to download and few links...
Modmate / TSCC
Torsten Keltsch presents some of his 16 colour pictures, don't miss this gallery.
Agent T's Subspace 
Kay Tennemann shows some of his Artwork which is more or less scene related on his webpage. He was member in crews like A.C.F., Cream and Avena. I am sure he is not unknown to you. You can find other pictures on the STart-site or at his current website.
Vincente Segrelles 
Vincente Segrelles is very popular for his "El Mercenario" comic-series. Lot's of Computer Artitsts have been "inspired" by his work. Visit his website and judge for your own.
Boris Valejo 
Another famous artist who paints fantasy stuff is Boris Valejo. There is a complete Archive of his work available.

ST Sound

Nice and still updated site with all current news on Atari soundstuff. This site offers you the biggest link collection for Atari music related sites I currently know.
Melcom's Chiptune Archive 
On this site you can find some really old (oldskool) scene-musicians and groups. You can find 1700+ YM tunes for download here.
SND Player is a specialized musicplayer for the 16/32bit Atari computers. SND Player can play ".snd" files. These are songs using the YM2149 synthesizer which is fitted to all 16/32 bit Ataris and most Atari clones.
sc68 is a free open source project that intends to play musics originally designed for Atari ST and Amiga computers. The sc68 music player is distributed as an input plugin for the most common music softwares such as winamp and xmms.

Generic Atari Sites

Hadleys Atari Welt 
Cool German Atari site, it looks like an Atari Desktop and offers you tons of PD stuff for download.
Atari Hotlist 
This has to be the biggest link collection for Atari related topics I have ever seen.
Little green Desktop
The little green Desktop offers Lethal Xcess and the game-music for download.
Dead Hackers Society 
News, competitions and events of the Atari demoscene. There is a nice bulletin-board too, which seems to be very helpful sometimes. Besides DHS offers lots of Atari tool downloads.
Reservoir Gods 
I think these guys should need no introduction, but if you don't know them check out their website. They have lot's of self made games and demos for download. Further you will find news and useful tools as well as emulators and of course some issues of Maggie, so what are you waiting for?
The Atari Site of Bernd Mädicke offers you lots of Information about the Atari, there is a nice Hardware section with photos and lots of technical details.
ST Computer
The archive of the German computer magazine ST Computer contains a German interview with Jochen Hippel, who did all the SFX for Lethal Xcess.
EmulAtari Nice French site with some games, an emulation FAQ and tons of useful links.
Nice Atari page in German and English which covers many Atari related topics.
Atari ST Zone Lots of great downloads, a makedisk tutorial and again some nice links.
Mikes Atari Web Archive 
Mikes Atari Web Archive lists software for ATARI (Mega) ST(E) computers and emulators. The site is pretty large listing 1000's of games, applications and docs. Mike is a very nice guy and allows even software requests via email.
Tat's Tiny Atari Archive 
Steven Tattersall presents backups from a former life with some Falcon Demos and a lot of articles explaining how demo-effects work.
Atari Bestof Charts 
(currently offline) 
Jochen Knaus offers you a website of all time Atari highlights. You can vote yourself for any program, music or demo and much more.
Asteroid's Atari OS ROM dump page 
This Atari firmware page allows you to download any ROM for any machine. It's very useful if you need a ROM for an emulator or a real machine. TT and Falcon are supported too!
Pangaelin Willow 
You will find more TOS ROMs on this page, beside the ROMs you can find some Atari and Mac related stuff here.
Stanislav Opichal and Jan Krupka run this little site were you can get a lot of really useful tools like JayMSA (a tool which can extract files from MSA or ST diskimages). You won't be disappointed.

Atari ST(E) Game Sites

Atari ROM Chest 
Nice German Atari site with some game-downloads and many links to other Atari related sites. Sadly this site has been closed for legal reasons.

Atari Magazines

Toxic Mag 
This site offers you content in French and English. You can view the Toxic Mag in HTML-Format, read the ST demo history (which looks very similar to the one of Delta Force). The website and maybe even the magazines have been made by Thyrex and ST Survivor.
Alive is an Atari Disk-Magazine. You can download all issues from this website. No matter what quality the magazine is, disk magazines look a bit outdated today. Releasing a web version of Alive as an additional product would improve the usability and allow ex-Atari-owners to enjoy the magazine too.
This magazine needs no introduction I think, you can download issue 1-24 from this FTP-site.
MyAtari is a free monthly on-line magazine for Atari users which includes in-depth articles, reviews and tutorials.
ST NEWS was an Atari ST/TT/Falcon multimedia disk magazine, edited by Stefan Posthuma and Richard Karsmakers, that thrived from the summer of 1986 to the summer of 1996. During that time, a variety of things happened to both the magazine and the 'scene' it was part of, quite a few of which are chronicled on this site. 

Atari Coding Tools

Sigma Soft 
Markus Fritze presents a collection of his programs for Atari and several other machines. You can download  Sigma-Softs Turbo Assembler including the sourcecode from his page. Turbo Assembler was my favourite coding tool on the good old Atari ST.

Atari Knowledge Base

Sync Archive 
The demo group Sync has archived a lot of documents on (Mega) ST(E), TT and Falcon documentation on this site, most of the stuff originates from a CD which can be ordered at "Programmers Heaven".
MiKro Site
Miro Kropacek collected a huge amount of documents covering nearly all aspects of coding on an Atari machine. Some of the stuff is not in English but you will find enough useful stuff here.
Despite the site being mainly in French it seems to be very useful, since most of the linked documents are English.
The Atari Compendium 
Scott D. Sanders put his Atari compendium on the web for free. It covers almost every conceivable topic a software programmer needs to know about Atari computers.
MC68000 Docs by Motorola
Alls docs from Motorola for the famous MC68000 CPU, which is part of any (Mega) ST(E).
Atari Blitter Docs 
You can download a nice blitter manual from "Programmers Heaven".
Falcon DSP Programming 
Tomas of NoCrew gives some insight into Falcon DSP programming
MC68030 Docs by Motorola
Alls docs from Motorola for the CPU, of a plain stockpile Falcon 030.
DSP56001 Docs by Motorola 
All docs from Motorola for the discontinued DSP 56001 which is part of the Falcon 030.

Atari Jaguar related Sites

Matthias Domin's Atari Jaguar page
Matthias Domin's Jaguar page shows some Images and schematics of Jaguar Cartridge PCBs. You may also read how to modify your Jaguar with a BJL ROM plus a reset switch.
This page is dedicated to Jaguar coding, Yaroze and some other coding related topics.
The Jaguar Underground Documentation 
This is an attempt to document the internals of the Jaguar. The whole documentation is created independent from Atari and provided to you for educational purposes only.
Jaguar AV-Pinout 
If you are in need of a RGB-cable you might find the information given on this single page useful.

Atari Hardware related Sites

Lyndon Amsdon presents lots of useful hardware related Atari stuff.
You can find some Atari add-on cards like the CT60 for the Atari Falcon here. A lot of Falcon maniacs have preordered and prepaid this gimmick. Beside the CT60 there is a shopping list where you can get rare Atari spare parts.
DOIT Archive 
Robert Schaffners DOIT-Archive consists of FAQs with Tips & Tricks around Atari- and Macintosh Hardware. Beside all connector pinouts each FAQ contains the "how to repair" for the different Atari machines. The site is available in English and German language, unfortunately some FAQs are only available in German.
EH Systems 
Elmar Hilgarts Site offers you Atari Hardware e.g. a LAN connetor and many other useful items.
ST Projects
Dr. Thomas Redelberger developed a LAN Adapter for the ACSI-Port of the Atari ST. It uses a NE2000 compatible ISA-card to get network access.
Atari Coldfire Project 
The aim of the Atari Coldfire Project is to build a new Atari-clone based on Motorola Coldfire processors and make it available to the public at the lowest possible price. Sounds nice to me, but I am no hardware freak. If you feel the urgent need to assist these guys, don't hesitate and visit this nice Atari related site.

Atari Network and Transfer Tools

PARCP stands for PARallel CoPy. PARCP allows you to connect two computers by parallel cable and copy large files or even whole drives across the cable. PARCP runs on both Atari ST and x86 PC and supports all main multitasking operating systems.

Emulation and PC-Tools

Exploding onto the emulation scene in early 1996 PaCifiST was at the head of a whole new wave of ST emulators. It was the 1st to run games and some demos and is solely responsible for bringing about the ST emulator revolution. However - the emulator has not been updated in years but for nostalgic reasons Frédéric Gidouins site is back online.
This Atari ST emulator runs most demos and games and even works on small PCs because it's optimised very well. SainT has been coded by James Boulton and Arnaud Carré. Saint is regularly updated and Arnaud has added big improvements to the user interface of Saint in the latest releases.
Steem is currently the best Atari STE emulator for Windows and Linux. It is being updated regularly and runs the vast majority of ST software without any problems. Steem is designed to be easy to use and has many unique features. Whether you want to run great old games, use MIDI apps just like you did on the ST or you have some other, more sinister motive, Steem is the emulator for you!
UAE is a mostly complete software emulation of the hardware of the Commodore Amiga 500/1000/2000. WinUAE is a Windows port of UAE, it's the best Amiga emulator available to play classic games or view your favourite Amiga demos.
WinFellow is a port of Fellow for DOS to the Win32-platform (Win9x/NT/2000). Fellow is an Amiga emulator. This way you can play your old time Amiga games on your PC.
DirectPad Pro 
DirectPad Pro allows you to connect several types of Joysticks to your PC printer port and use them via Direct X. This is a mirror of the original site, because the project has been discontinued. Sadly there is no Windows 2000/XP Version of the drivers for DirectPad Pro, so it works only under Windows 9X.
TOS 4.04 
TOS 404 is an Atari Falcon 030 emulation project. It is started by Frans van Nispen and it is now orphaned. If you want to adopt it, the source code is available from this page.
Atari Running on Any Machine is no Falcon emulator, ARAnyM's goal is to create new open TOS compatible operating system easily portable to various architectures and thus allow all ST/TT/Falcon users to upgrade to incomparably more powerful and up-to-date machines where they could continue working in their favourite environment using popular applications with no restrictions known from old TOS machines or their emulators.

Generic Amiga Sites

Aminet contains a huge collection of everything around the Amiga, from all kinds of software up to hardware hacks. Aminet is always worth a visit. 

Amiga Demo related Sites

Amiga demoscene archive
On this site you will find a lot of the demos that have been released for the Amiga series of computers.
Amiga RGB 
I have no idea what this page wants to tell the world, because simply don't speak Finnish(?) but they have a very detailed technical page with the different Amiga RGB-Ports.

Amiga Hardware related Sites

The big Book of Amiga Hardware
The Big Book of Amiga Hardware is probably the biggest online Amiga Hardware reference on the web. If you're looking for information on that elusive piece of hardware, wonder what amazing expansions were actually made for the Amiga, or need drivers for that second-hand kit you've just bought, then this is the right place.
Very good site for cables and other useful things that aren't available in the shops anymore. Frank Bergermann offers drafts for a lot of useful Amigastuff as well as shopping lists for the needed parts and he tells you about the cheapest source. If you speak German you should try this site.
Amiga RGB 
I have no idea what this page wants to tell the world, because simply don't speak Finnish(?) but they have a very detailed technical page with the different Amiga RGB-Ports.
Amiga Hardware Database
You will find specifications of the original Amiga Models as well as specifications on additional gadgets for those machines.
Lethal Xcess aka Wings of Death II a classic shoot'em up for Atari ST(E) and Amiga computers was developed by Claus Frein and Heinz Rudolf, Music by Jochen Hippel, Producer Marc Rosocha.


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