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This page will show pictures of the Lethal Xcess staff and a gallery of ships, weapons and selected enemies of Lethal Xcess. Since this site is under construction all content of this page is missing. Release is planned for the fall of 2002. We are just collecting stuff here.
More will follow...
Claus and Heinz 1992 
Heinz at the Hansa-Party 
Player Sprites 
Level Zero Gallery 
Level One Gallery 
Level Two Gallery

C64 Remains

The "God of Code" and his Designer

Claus Frein and Heinz Rudolf (31.01.1992)

This picture has been taken 1992. On the left you see Claus Frein the main-coder of Lethal Xcess. He was the best 68k-assembler-coder I ever met. The guy on the right side is me, I did all the drawing-stuff and coded a lot of the game-logic. That's how the sprites "behave" within the game. My masterpiece is the boss of level five. He should give you some nice surprises.

Heinz at the Hansa-Party

Heinz Rudolf and a bottle of Hansa Pils (1993) This is me with a bottle of "Hansa-Pils" (a cheap german beer) The picture has been taken at the famous "Hansa-Party-Orgy" which took place in Sprockhövel (Germany) in 1993 and nearly caused the destruction of the location, which was in fact the home of Claus and his family. As you might see, I had already consumed some bottles of this awesome stuff, when Eric ("ZX Spectrum Sabotage") Lawo grabbed the camera and hit the trigger.
There will be a special non-public-website for all those who had the luck to be invited and can't remember what happened ;-). I'm coding the PHP-stuff for the slideshow now. Release will be mid of April 2005, all persons shown on the pictures will receive an announcement with the URL.

Player Sprites

Spaceship of Player 1
This is the sprite for player one, it has also been the prototype for the spaceship on the cover for Lethal-Xcess. The animation is used when the player decides to fly sideward.
Spaceship of Player 2
Player two gets a totally different ship, we tested lots of ships, this one works fine. In two player mode, it's much easier to identify each players ship, if the ships are designed totally different.


Lethal Xcess aka Wings of Death II a classic shoot'em up for Atari ST(E) and Amiga computers was developed by Claus Frein and Heinz Rudolf, Music by Jochen Hippel, Producer Marc Rosocha.


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