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These are the classic sprites from Lethal Xcess level one. They have been converted for use on the web, so you won't need a magnifying glass to spot them. On the left side you see some of the blocks from level one, for a full level map enter the level-department.
Lethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level OneLethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level OneLethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level OneLethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level OneLethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level One

Arrow The arrows fly in from behind, swing slightly and fly out the top of the screen. In easy mode a yellow arrow indicates where and when those aliens have to be expected. They always appear in larger numbers. Killing a whole wave will be rewarded with bonus symbols in most cases.

Insect CrawlerThis insect won't do much harm it crawls slowly from top of the screen to the bottom. It can't shoot you, so all you have to do is avoiding collision to stay alive. Shooting it will give you some extra points or maybe a new weapon.
Giant DragonflyGiant dragonflies start swarming on the screen before they will head into the players direction. Avoid any crash because these ones could damage your ship badly, resulting in a total wreckage.
Red WormLittle red worms live on those golden bricks in the middle of level one. They are patrolling over the screen, ready to drain the players energy on contact.
Little BugThese little bugs appear at the start and at the end of level one. This is the colour they show a the beginning of the level. Later they will appear in a dark green modification which behaves differently and follows the player.
Acid DropLittle acid-drops were fired from some strange plants into your direction. Thank god you can avoid them easily by shooting.
SpikeballThe spikeball rotates around bridges and comes out of some ancient stone figures sometimes. He can be easily shot or avoided if necessary.
CalamarThe calamars fly into the screen and wait some time to coordinate their attack, then all calamars will head for the nearest player at once. Make sure to kill them quick, because it might be too late if they come for you.
Green DragonGreen dragons fly in from above and glide down the screen. They appear in large numbers together with some orange worms. You can slow them down and even repress them with your firepower, so keep on hitting the trigger.
BubbleThese little bubbles come out of the mouth of some stonefaces at the end of level one. They contain the breath of death, a heavily corroding gas which you should avoid at all cost, a few hits and your ship is history.
DiverThe diver surfaces, spits a bullet and then dives again to avoid being hit by the player. A little bit of timing is needed to eliminate this alien.
SeadragonThe seadragon swims down the screen in the lake at top of level one. If you can avoid to crash into him he won't be too dangerous, but there are other species around e.g. the diver, who spits a bullet in your direction and dives afterwards to avoid your weapons. In combination with the divers and those nasty green bugs, which follow the player for a while, it gets harder to stay alive.
FlyThis little flies will try to threaten you at the end of level one. They never come alone when they try to crush your spaceship and there will be a second wave most of the time. Use your weapons to wipe them out. 
Lethal Xcess aka Wings of Death II a classic shoot'em up for Atari ST(E) and Amiga computers was developed by Claus Frein and Heinz Rudolf, Music by Jochen Hippel, Producer Marc Rosocha.


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