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These are the classic sprites from Lethal Xcess level two. Like all other graphics they have been converted for use on the web, so you won't need a microscope to spot them. On the left side you see some of the blocks from level two, for a full level map enter the level-department.
Lethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level Two
Lethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level Two
Lethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level Two
Lethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level Two
Lethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level Two
Lethal Xcess - Background Graphics from Level Two
Giant MosquitoeGiant mosquitoes will try to stop your ship from penetrating deeper into planet Methallycha. Never hesitate if you meet these just hit the trigger and you will keep your health.
SandwormSandworms will pop out of the ground and fire lots of bullets directly aimed at your ship. Make sure to clear these hazards early, or they will be your doom. One of the main aim in Lethal Xcess is to kill all ground based enemy units as soon as possible.
TermiteMonstrous termites run in from top of the screen and will pause for some seconds, but only to fire bursts of death promising shots at your starship. Make sure to exterminate them all, before they kill you.
Small GliderThis small airborne enemies are no match for the players weapon system, but in combination with other aliens you might get in to trouble because the endless waves of this aliens might force you into a direction which will certainly be your least favourite choice.
Skeleton GliderSkeletons with mechanized wings will appear from the eyes of giant skulls which lie shattered in the desert of no return. Sometimes they seem to cover the whole screen but there is always a place to escape.
Acid BubblesDeadly acid bubbles will head towards your direction if you pass the acid pits of the desert of no return. Try to avoid contact because these bullets will corrode the hull of your spaceship in zero time.
Giant AxeThe giant axe flies in and cuts everything in its way to pieces. Make sure you avoid them, because a short strike could kill your ship immediately. These enemies appear in greater numbers and could be a real threat, when they appear from a position you wouldn't have expected.
Giant Skeleton BirdGiant skeleton birds will fire deadly plasma bolts and accelerate afterwards to get out of your shooting range. There is no need to risk your ship to destroy these, but on the other hand, would you like to let them get away?
Pink GliderThese little pink gliders come out of the pyramid tops and head for the player after a short phase of orientation. They will follow the players moves for a while and loose interest soon.
FireghostFireghosts will be fired from the eyes of the giant skull below. They can easily be destroyed by your own shots or drones.
Boss of Level 2 (Giant Skull)This giant skull is the boss of level 2 when he moves in, he will do nothing, but swinging side wards, waiting for you to move first. If you hit him, he will flash in a greenish colour. After being hit by you, he will return fire. Little burning skulls will be fired from his empty eye-sockets. Luckily these little skulls can be shot or crushed by your drones (if you have any).

Lethal Xcess - Screenshot from fighting the Boss of Level 2 (Giant Skull)

If you continue shooting at him, he will get angry and will start shooting a formation of bullets from his mouth. This will happen every time his mouth opens. These bullets can't be destroyed, so better be careful and avoid them. If you really hurt him, he will start shooting bursts of slimeballs from his nose. And again your drones will protect you, if you were smart enough to collect them. Being hurt badly, the giant skull will move quickly and aggressive, attempting to crush your tiny spaceship. Finally he will fire lots of bullets from his nose, be careful, they can't be destroyed by your drones. It won't be a bad idea to collect some "speed" before you meet him.

Lethal Xcess aka Wings of Death II a classic shoot'em up for Atari ST(E) and Amiga computers was developed by Claus Frein and Heinz Rudolf, Music by Jochen Hippel, Producer Marc Rosocha.


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