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The next task is to customize our file system to manage more files. This is absolutely vital because the new level won't fit into the current file system.
Nothing big this time, just a new enemy on the level zero gallery

2002-07-06  I decided to put some of the graphics from level zero onto a special page. If you want to have a short preview of things to come in the LX2002 just visit the new subdivision of our unfinished gallery.
2002-07-01  Christophe Chapuis is back, he will paint a level title picture for the new level one.
SHThree of Reservoir Gods will paint some cool manga style pictures to tell the weird story of Lethal Xcess. As always Richards story is nothing else but big nonsense but I hope it will look great anyway. I can't wait to see the storyboard drafts.
2002-06-28  I painted some cannons for the left and right border of the "space level" but I am not really satisfied with it. Maybe I will have a better idea to paint it tomorrow.
2002-05-19  Claus and I managed to create a completely new boot disk for LX. It took us several hours to get into the procedure, because there are more or less complex steps involved in the creation of that disk which had never been documented so far. In fact normally you would need an Amiga to complete that task, but now we can do it on a plain ST and even on STEEM. There are still some minor problems but the worst is done...
2002-05-17  LX got a new font which had been created in 1991 by Jérôme Hubert AKA Metal Ages from Cybernetics. He liked the idea to see it in LX 2002, so welcome to the LX team. Thanks for that great piece of artwork. It's very similar to the LX intro font, but Jérômes font is much bigger (48x54 Pixel), let's see how we can use it.

Cybernetics Font 
A new enemy is born, he flies in from above, swings vertically into his shooting position and releases a deadly flash if you didn't kill him first. After releasing his shot he will fly out of the bottom of the screen.

The new enemy fires his deadly flash

We have finished the game design of the first 1800 scanlines of level "zero". Lots of other graphics had been prepared, even the level boss is fully painted but not yet implemented.

Lethal Xcess aka Wings of Death II a classic shoot'em up for Atari ST(E) and Amiga computers was developed by Claus Frein and Heinz Rudolf, Music by Jochen Hippel, Producer Marc Rosocha.


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