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X-Troll - About the ST Demo Crew

Maybe you have seen the little X-Troll logo somewhere near the end of level two of Lethal Xcess. Many people might have asked themselves what or who the hell is X-Troll supposed to be? Well X-Troll had been a demo-crew on the ST that coded a lot, but never released anything. Sounds strange? We coded only for fun, mainly to research some technology which was later used in commercial products. For that reason we wanted to protect the code from being ripped and used elsewhere. Beside that some of our beloved members suffered from several attacks of paranoia I think.

In 1988 two guys from Hattingen in Germany formed a Crew named Troll. Their nicknames where Sunnyboy aka Claus Frein and Nexus 6 aka Mirko Mönninghoff. They started with MC68000 assembler coding, and created some very useful tools for the ST. Sunnyboy had his origins in the C64 scene, Nexus 6 used to code on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. 1989 a third member joined Troll, it was the Cyclone aka Heinz Rudolf (yes that's me), who came from the ZX Spectrum too.

Sunnyboy was a very technical coder, he had no interest in playing games and such stuff. Coding tools and hardcore optimizing were his main interests.

Nexus 6 was more on the creative side, he coded M68k, did graphics as well and became our composer since he was the only one with a musical background.

The Cyclone was the third coder and the main graphics artist of X-Troll.

Since all our members were MC68000 assembly coders, a strange kind of competition took place. Sometimes it seemed we were working for different teams, because we were coding some demo shit, but everybody on his own. We produced several Demos this way, but none of them was ever released.

I went through some of my old disks and found a few of these "demos", but it seems a lot of stuff can't be read from these old disks. I will try to convert them anyway and every time I succeed, I will release the disk on this site with a little description.

Cheers Cyclone

X-Troll a demo crew on Atari ST, Atari STE and Mega ST 16 bit computers was founded in 1988 and consisted of Sunnyboy, Nexus 6 and the Cyclone. Their releases were: Acid-Intro, Sprite Magic, The final Swobbler, The Longscreen, The Cyclones New Year Demo, AudioPac Demo, Digidrum Demo and the best Atari game ever Lethal Xcess, the follow up to Wings of Death.

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