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X-Troll Products - MV2000

MV2000 is an Atari ST chipmusic editor that features digidrums and buzzer bass, the replay routines are very CPU-friendly but the handling is a bit unusual.

SC1224 upper left slice SC1224 upper slice SC1224 upper right slice
SC1224 left slice Download MV2000 a Atari ST Chipmusic Editor SC1224 right slice
SC1224 lower left slice SC1224 lower slice SC1224 lower right slice

This is the latest and sophisticated version of Nexus 6 YM editor. It features all known sound effects from the early 90s like:
- timer register usage for deep bass sounds (buzzer bass)
- multiple tracks
- 4 bit digisounds
- MIDI-support

MV2000 is capable of saving the whole music including a player in a single file, which can be called directly from any program. It can load all songs in *.MV2 format and write them back including the player.

Initialization should be called directly at the ORG of the music, while D0 contains the number of the desired song. The IRQ-call should branch to ORG + 8. In the original version A6 was used to save some time while playing the tune, so your own program couldn't use it but Nexus 6 did a modified version for Grazey which doesn't need A6 anymore at the cost of taking more CPU time for replaying.

The downloadable archive contains some notes how to use MV2000. In addition it includes the full sourcecode (Turbo-Assembler) with all needed fonts and some example songs which come along with a few instruments and digidrums. 

Last not least it was possible to activate MIDI-out while playing the chiptunes - so a connected synthesizer will do his best to let it rock :-))

Using MV2000

MV2000 uses context sensitive key-commands for all possible actions.

You can enter HEX-values into all numeric fields.

Global keys

F1  Play selected pattern
F2  Play selected song
F10  Stop playing

Cursor within main menu

CTRL-L  Load Music
CTRL-S   Save Music
CTRL-Q  Quit (crashes...)

Cursor within the file-selector

ALT-Driveletter  Select the disk-drive (can be very slow on STEEM, be patient)
Arrow Keys  Navigate through files
Space  Select a file
Enter  Load selected file (use space 1st or MV2000 will bomb)
Backspace  Enter a filename for saving (don't forget to use ".MV2" as file-extension

Cursor above track-, pattern- or instrument-number

CTRL-Ins  Add new object
+/-  Toggle object

Cursor within the song list

CTRL-Ins  Insert line
CTRL-Del  Delete line

Cursor above instrument names

CTRL-L  Load Instrument / Sample
CTRL-Sl  Save Instrument / Sample

© 1991 Mirko Mönninghoff (Nexus 6/X-Troll)


X-Troll a demo crew on Atari ST, Atari STE and Mega ST 16 bit computers was founded in 1988 and consisted of Sunnyboy, Nexus 6 and the Cyclone. Their releases were: Acid-Intro, Sprite Magic, The final Swobbler, The Longscreen, The Cyclones New Year Demo, AudioPac Demo, Digidrum Demo and the best Atari game ever Lethal Xcess, the follow up to Wings of Death.

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