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X-Troll Demos - Musicdemo

(1988) Musicdemo

This little music demo was coded to show the capabilities of the chiptune replay routine by Nexus 6 to a local software company. The tunes itself were composed with MEDI, which is the short form of Music-Editor. MEDI was a very early editor for Atari ST chiptunes it has none of the advanced features of today's chiptune editors but it was able to produce very CPU-friendly Atari ST tunes.

SC1224 upper left slice SC1224 upper slice SC1224 upper right slice
SC1224 left slice Download Musicdemo by Nexus 6 SC1224 right slice
SC1224 lower left slice SC1224 lower slice SC1224 lower right slice

This Version is very beta but I found no other version on my HDD yet. It runs only on one megabyte machines with a TOS prior to 2.0x and needs low resolution in order to display everything correctly.

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© 1988 Mirko Mönninghoff (Nexus 6/X-Troll)


X-Troll a demo crew on Atari ST, Atari STE and Mega ST 16 bit computers was founded in 1988 and consisted of Sunnyboy, Nexus 6 and the Cyclone. Their releases were: Acid-Intro, Sprite Magic, The final Swobbler, The Longscreen, The Cyclones New Year Demo, AudioPac Demo, Digidrum Demo and the best Atari game ever Lethal Xcess, the follow up to Wings of Death.

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