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It seems X-Troll guys will get famous finally, after being greeted by D-Bug and mentioned in the great UMD 8730 by Grazey the X-Troll website was mentioned in an Atari Diskmag called Undercover Magascene.

UCM #23 The (former) German Atari Scene on the Net

Since there is some false information spread within UCM #23 we decided to bring you the real facts about it. For that reason we cite an excerpt of that review and write something below each paragraph. The credit for the original review belongs to moondog.



maintained  Cyclone of XTroll
status of the band  dead since 1o years now
last update of the site  dunno

There are some errors included in that header. The site mentioned above is actually maintained by Nexus 6 of X-Troll and it's still updated when necessary, e.g. when we find another ancient demo on our dusty disks :)
Cyclone maintains the site including the page you are currently reading.

XTROLL? Who the fuck is or was XTROLL? I wondered by myself as I first stumbled over this band and their site on the net. In fact even if I was a hard demo collector I can't remember one of their demos.

Despite the few stuff we actually released some of the finest members of the late 80s / early 90s Atari scene had the pleasure to meet us (maybe it was vice versa :). The stuff we coded was often some kind of technology study for later commercial usage. So sadly most of our demos were never really finished and could be hardly called demos at all, because they were single FX screens which needed a debugger environment to run. I think our only real release was the Audiopac demo. The other stuff was never officially spread.

XTROLL itself claims that they didn't released their demos because they don't wanted that someone ripped their code... huuh.

Well that credit belongs to Sunnyboy who was really paranoid about his source codes and coding tricks. As a matter of fact the other members of X-Troll hardly had the chance to look at his stuff in the early days. The situation went better when we started Lethal Xcess, but it was too late to release anything then. There are still lots of source codes on Sunnyboys harddisk, but I doubt anybody but him will understand how to get 'em to work because he always included some nasty stuff into the source to prevent it from being assembled by other people.

And so they lived from the late eighties until the beginning nineties, releasing a bunch of hardly mediocre demos and... LETHAL XCESS, or at least their member CYCLONE, who was responsible for the graphics and stuff...

Well X-Troll still exists since the crew never disbanded. However we are no longer full time sceners. For sure I won't comment the "hardly mediocre" research for this UCM-Article :) but it's true, that I did nearly all graphics for Lethal Xcess as well as some coding. The real credit for coding Lethal Xcess belongs to Sunnyboy, a foundation member of X-Troll. Beside Sunnyboy and myself, Nexus 6 was involved in LX when we started the project. He did all the music and SFX 1st, but left the project soon, so we had to look for another musician. I would advise anyone interested in that who-did-what-stuff to view the credits for a complete list of all people involved in the creation of what became the very best shoot'em up on the Atari ST(E) platform.

Today there aren't actions as XTROLL anymore,...

It actually looks like that because X-Troll doesn't show much activities to the outside world, the truth is: All X-Trolls are still active on Atari but with very low priority. We all have children and other family business as well, as very time consuming jobs. We get active whenever possible, but we hardly have time left for that passion. Currently we mainly try to preserve our work from the 90s, but I am confident there will be some new stuff in the future.

... just CYCLONE is around to create some LETHAL XCESS 2oo2 thing but ATM, I doubt that we will see it this year...

I am still working on an enhanced version of LX. Furthermore its true that this enhanced LX version will be delayed. That's the reason why it isn't called LX 2002 anymore, the name changed to Lethal Xcess XL. How could that happen? Well, there is a life beyond Atari and I won't neglect my children or girlfriend for working on a game. The current project status can be viewed at our projects department and the latest graphics can be found at the level zero gallery.

The page is very clean designed, showing a lot of screenshots, bringing a lot of informations about the band and their "non" releases, offering demos for to download and links to check out. The page isn't a blaster at all but if you have not visited it so far, just do it... demo collectors should find the one or other rare software antics there as well.

You actually can find all X-Troll related stuff on the page you are currently reading. This page is not related to the Nexus 6 site but Nexus 6 and myself are slowly scanning through our old disks and if one of us finds anything of public interest, we will release it on both sites. The reason for the creation of my own X-Troll page should be obvious if you hit Nexus 6 page with activated JavaScript. His site is hardly readable because of these scripts :).

Styling  Clean, easy to navigate and understand, but no burner 
Features   downloads, a bunch of informations about past and present
Atari?  completely Atari related 
Surf On  if you miss something of the XTROLL releases

2002 UCM / X-Troll



X-Troll a demo crew on Atari ST, Atari STE and Mega ST 16 bit computers was founded in 1988 and consisted of Sunnyboy, Nexus 6 and the Cyclone. Their releases were: Acid-Intro, Sprite Magic, The final Swobbler, The Longscreen, The Cyclones New Year Demo, AudioPac Demo, Digidrum Demo and the best Atari game ever Lethal Xcess, the follow up to Wings of Death.

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