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2008 - 05 - 04 Bullet  Cyclone strike again and releases a bootsector at Outline 2008, this time it's an Atari STE product.  :).
2007 - 05 - 14 Bullet  Again an official and a not so official X-Troll release from Outline 2007 was added two the site.  :).
2006 - 06 - 06 Bullet  The two X-Troll releases from Outline 2006 have been added two the site. It's only the party versions, full versions will follow whenever they are finished :).
2006 - 03 - 05 Bullet  A little gallery of X-Troll pixel artwork by Nexus 6 and Cyclone has been added to the site.
2006 - 02 - 07 Bullet  Cyclone of X-Troll releases Pooz Editor which allows to enable the lab of Pooz, this editor is also included in D-Bug Menu 192b.
2006 - 02 - 03 Bullet  Cyclone of X-Troll releases a small cracktro for D-Bug Menu 191. This menu features a hard disk compatible version of Lethal Xcess cracked by Cyrano Jones.
2005 - 05 - 31 Bullet Finally our contributions to the Outline 2005 Boot Sector Compo are made available.
2004 - 08 - 09 Bullet  Finally the long awaited Longscreen demo has been resurrected from a few old disk fragments.
2003 - 12 - 24 Bullet  The Eclipse Level Editor coded by the Cyclone / X-Troll has been released to the public. Its available from the Block Editor page.
2003 - 08 - 04 Bullet  Finally a disk image of the Digisound-Demos has been added. You can read about it on the digisound page.
2003 - 05 - 02 Bullet  After a long time of absence I have added screenshots and a playable image of Danger Zone. A game for the Sega Mega Drive that was never finished because I couldn't figure out how to create sound on that console.
2002 - 12 - 06 Bullet  Today this site is released officially. Many updates will follow so bookmark this site to be sure to get all important information about the X-Trolls ;-) 
And a very early Musicdemo by Nexus 6 was added to the site.
2002 - 12 - 05 Bullet  Finally a short notice of the Longscreen has been added to the site, unfortunately it doesn't run from a disk-image yet due to the very special disk format.
2002 - 11 - 24  Bullet  SMDsend and Super Magic Tool were added to the products area and some minor page adjusts for easier browsing
2002 - 11 - 23  Bullet  Added a brief description of the Eclipse Level Editor to the products section, a download will be available soon...
2002 - 11 - 22  Bullet  Complete redesign of the products area with single pages for each product and of course some downloads.
2002 - 11 - 21 Bullet  Added a synthetic SC1224 to the sites for nicer screenshot appearance. We hope you like it.
2002 - 11 - 10  Bullet  Complete redesign and optimization of the Cyclones X-Troll webpage. Since the (hidden) page on the Lethal-Xcess-Site was mainly created for internal purposes and for collecting stuff it is now replaced by this not yet completed version. Main aims were better support for non-broadband surfers and a bit more structure to make browsing easier. I hope you enjoy this little site...
X-Troll a demo crew on Atari ST, Atari STE and Mega ST 16 bit computers was founded in 1988 and consisted of Sunnyboy, Nexus 6 and the Cyclone. Their releases were: Acid-Intro, Sprite Magic, The final Swobbler, The Longscreen, The Cyclones New Year Demo, AudioPac Demo, Digidrum Demo and the best Atari game ever Lethal Xcess, the follow up to Wings of Death.

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