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X-Troll Products - The Turbobooster

The Turbobooster is the FASTEST disk-copy-program for DD-Disks on Atari ST(E)computers for unprotected disks. You can erase all other diskcopy tools because the Turbobooster beats them all ;)

SC1224 upper left slice SC1224 upper slice SC1224 upper right slice
SC1224 left slice Download the Turbobooster - The fastest Disk-Copier for Atari ST(E) SC1224 right slice
SC1224 lower left slice SC1224 lower slice SC1224 lower right slice

It comes with many advanced features:

- different formatting methods
- formatting both sides of the disk within one turn
- copying whole disks in one go
- speeding up loading with TB-fastload technology
- disk quality checker
- optional verify
- converting diskformat while copying
- supports multiple diskwrites
- activation/deactivation of bootsectors
- turbobooster antivirus
- creating new disk identifiers
- reset safe
- switch freely between monochrome and colour monitor

The original Version was delivered on disk and had a heavy copy and cracking protection, in the 90th there were only 7 registered users who had the pleasure to use this amazing tool which was developed by Claus Frein aka Sunnyboy / X-Troll.

This version comes without the protection and runs even from harddisk. However it won't be possible to leave the Turbobooster without resetting your machine, because it copies itself to a very low memory area. In Addition to that, it's a hacked version, so don't expect a clean exit :) The original version could be exited without any problems.

To entertain you, Sunnyboy included many eastereggs in the Turbobooster, just type "COKE" to get a scroller with all keycodes that could be used in Turbobooster. BTW don't use the code "GAME" it will crash the Turbobooster because the PacMan game that was once included had been removed in this version.

Enjoy the Turbobooster designed and coded by Sunnyboy.

1989-1991 Claus Frein (aka Sunnyboy / X-Troll)


X-Troll a demo crew on Atari ST, Atari STE and Mega ST 16 bit computers was founded in 1988 and consisted of Sunnyboy, Nexus 6 and the Cyclone. Their releases were: Acid-Intro, Sprite Magic, The final Swobbler, The Longscreen, The Cyclones New Year Demo, AudioPac Demo, Digidrum Demo and the best Atari game ever Lethal Xcess, the follow up to Wings of Death.

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