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2002 - 12 - 26 Nothing big this time, only usual maintaining work like fixing and adding links.
2002 - 12 - 24 Merry Xmas to all of you. Today I have added a new level to the gallery, enjoy the sprites and some of the background graphics of level two. Now there are only three more to go.
2002 - 12 - 22 Leonard / Oxygene strikes again with a 32 kb port of Rick Dangerous for Windows Machines. Download this little game from his website.
2002 - 12 - 06  Today the Cyclone's X-Troll page is released showing most of our non-releases in a structured way. The colour scheme was chosen by my six year old daughter so don't complain about it. And yes she likes Barbie ;)
2002 - 12 - 05  Just some minor fixes and additions to the link page.
2002 - 12 - 01 Jan Zottman, producer of the Immortal 2 CD, put a website with a lot of background information about the titles enclosed on the CD online.
2002 - 11 - 30  Since both, the author of the Lethal Xcess review and the webmaster of the ST Graveyard agreed to it, the review was added to the press section. Thanks to Matthias Arndt and Maarten Martens.
2002 - 11 - 27  By accident I found a brand new review of Lethal Xcess on the web, read Matthias Arndt's opinion about Lethal Xcess at the ST Graveyard. If I get the permission I will mirror the page in the press section.
Added a link to Markus Fritzes website, where you can find lots of his products for the Atari ST.
2002 - 11 - 19  Wow, finally a real attempt to break Leonards sprite record. Gwen (Gwenael Leysour de Rohello) mastered the impossible! Download this great piece of cheating now and watch 360 2 plane, non masked sprites in one vertical blank. The name of the guy seems to be strange, but I am sure you can draw your own conclusions :)
Download the 360 Sprites Screen by Gwenael
2002 - 11 - 06  Today I decided to put our copy-program called the Turbobooster onto the former hidden X-Troll-page. Enjoy that great piece of software written by Sunnyboy of X-Troll.
2002 - 11 - 05  Only added one link to the link-department. Finally the DOIT-Archive made its way into my collection.
Furthermore I reworked the comments on the UCM review a bit.
2002 - 11 - 03  UCM #23 is out since some days, normally we wouldn't mention that, but there is an article about German Atari Crew Websites included which spreads some misinformation about X-Troll, so read the corrections on our brand new X-Troll press section :).
2002 - 10 - 19  Added a very rare demo to this site: The Genesys III by Aenigmatica released on an eight inch disk at the Atari fair in Düsseldorf 1991!.
2002 - 10 - 18  Again Alain Derpin is the man... another VBR-encoded MP3 hit our mailbox and was placed on our jukebox page for download. Enjoy an excerpt from that 20 minute 30 second SID-Medley by TAO recorded from the UMD 8730, the most complete music demo so far.
2002 - 10 - 16  Since lack of spare time, we could only add some minor bugfixes to several pages, which mainly result in some slight usability improvements. There will be some updates at the end of the month...
2002 - 09 - 21  Leonards 271 sprites are now working on all Atari machines, the very same bootdisk runs on (Mega) ST(E), TT and Falcon machines with one or half meg or more. Download it from Leonards website now :)
2002 - 09 - 16  We have got a TT 030 now! It's a machine with a German TOS 3.06, 4 MB ST-RAM and 16 MB TT-RAM. There were some minor problems with a slack joint of the TT-RAM board which caused the System to refuse to boot properly, but now all problems seem to be solved.
Atari TT 030 Computer
2002 - 09 - 08  Spend another Sunday with researching / debugging low level stuff on the Falcon 030. This machine drives me crazy...
2002 - 09 - 04  Today there are just some additions to the Atari Knowledge Base Links.
2002 - 09 - 02  The online Atari magazine myatari.net has published an Article about the Mega STE which also tells some Information about Lethal Xcess and Wings of Death. Lethal Xcess is mentioned on page 3 of the article called Mega STE Love.
2002 - 08 - 31  Finally the Falcon 030 has arrived, today the postman brought it. I haven't had the time to test it yet, but I will try to do that on Monday.
Atari Falcon 030 Computer
2002 - 08 - 28  Only some minor corrections and a slight reorganization of the project pages. Project LX 2002 is called LX XL now. Finally it seems we will get a Falcon. Hurrah! Let's hope the snailmail will not lose it...
2002 - 08 - 25  Another review of Lethal Xcess has been recovered from the web. The Atari disk-magazine ST News reviewed Lethal Xcess in Volume 7 Issue 1 in January 1992. Enter the press section to catch a look or visit Richard Karsmakers ST News website.
2002 - 08 - 24  Today I completed the Atari STE MP3 collection of LX tunes. Just leech them from my jukebox-page.

And there are more important news, finally Leonard of Oxygene strikes back with another sprite record. 271 sprites on 1 meg machines and 220 on half meg, this is finally the long awaited official break of TCBs record from the SoWatt demo. Download the demo from Leonards website

2002 - 08 - 19  Jan Zottmann, the producer of the Immortal2 CD told me, that a completely new version of  the Lethal Xcess title song will be published on his CD. The release is planned for August 2002 but you can preorder it right now from synSONIQ Records. Read all Details and get the essential links in the jukebox department.
2002 - 08 - 10  Nothing big this time, just a new enemy on the level zero gallery.
2002 - 08 - 06  Yet another VBR-MP3-file has been added to the jukebox department. Enjoy the Atari ST soundtrack from level 3.
2002 - 08 - 04  Visit the Website of Jochen Hippel and Stefan KimmlingenToday Gerald M.-B. sent in some additional remarks on the interview from Alive 5, besides he told me about a site called www.gerippe.de just enjoy this funny German page from Jochen Hippel, Stefan Kimmlingen and Mario "Lupo" Charles.

Mike Weling a friend of Jochen was active too, he uploaded the remixed version of the Lethal Xcess tune from Level 4 at remix.kwed.org you can download it there. It the same tune that you can find on the Jochen Hippel remixed CD. We have added it to our Jukebox department too.

2002 - 08 - 02  While surfing on the net, I stumbled about some nice Atari sites and added them to the links department. Try yourself.
2002 - 08 - 01  Instead of posting crap on the DHS BBS I decided to convert some Level sprites for the gallery, and guess what: After a day of hard work, here they are the sprites from level one.
2002 - 07 - 31 Another VBR-MP3-file has been added. Beside this fact, we inserted some links on the downloads and links pages as well as on the jukebox page.
2002 - 07 - 28 I found a remake of my very 1st assembler program, it's such a crap :-) Punish yourself with the worst intro ever, the unbelievable Aciiiiiid! intro.
2002 - 07 - 27 Wow, while searching on my old Megafile 30 I found some graphics of Dragonworld, a planned sequel to Lethal Xcess. It's not very much, but maybe you want to look at it. If I will ever find more stuff, these pages will be updated.
2002 - 07 - 21 Updated the links department, finally the best emulators have been added.
As promised the interview from Alive issue 5 was released in the press department. 3 weeks delay should be enough for you to read it in it's original format.
2002 - 07 - 14 Things to come: A major upgrade of the press section is planned. I hope I will get the time to straighten things out a bit. All reviews and articles will be stored in a database and the pages will be generated with PHP. I decided to put in scans of the reviews as well.
2002 - 07 - 13 The Atari ST(E) version of the level 1 soundtrack is available as a mp3-file from the jukebox-page now. Further mp3-files will be released within the next weeks to average the web-traffic a bit.
2002 - 07 - 07 Added another alien to the level zero gallery and fixed a misleading link on the jukebox page. You can download the main menu mp3-file now. And now for all those who can't figure out on their own, finally the link to the hidden X-Troll department.
2002 - 07 - 06 A new gallery section with pictures from level zero has been published today. The main aim of that new subdivision is to allow the team-members to see what style of graphics will be used within the levels.
2002 - 07 - 02 Minor changes to the press and projects department.
2002 - 07 - 01 Alive 5 is out! You find an interview with one of the creators of LX in that Atari disk-magazine. We will put it online next week in our press section too. But you should enjoy the original first. Surprisingly Havoc did a review of the official Lethal Xcess Homepage in that issue of Alive. He also tells you how to enter the hidden X-Troll department, so  don't hesitate and grab your copy.
2002 - 06 - 30 Today I added some new links to the link department and 3 MP3s from the Atari ST(E) version of Lethal Xcess to the jukebox-page.
2002 - 06 - 24 Thanks to an email from M. Gallmeister I found some nice Atari knowledge sites. You can enter them from my links department.
2002 - 06 - 18 I searched the web again, and added some links to the links-department, besides I may get a Falcon 030 from a nice guy from Berlin...
2002 - 06 - 14 My Neoshow runs on STEEM 2.3beta. It's nothing special but since it runs on STEEM now, I decided to put it onto the hidden X-Troll department.
I am sure you figured out how to get there :-)
2002 - 06 - 13 We need a Falcon 030 and a TT 030, to port Lethal Xcess for those machines.
If you can offer us an original non "customized" machine don't hesitate to tell us about it. Mail your offers to lxs@edv-rudolf.de. BTW we live in Germany (Ruhrgebiet).

Thanks for your support and stay Atari :-)

2002 - 06 - 12 There are no real news for this site, but a related site was updated: Mirko's X-Troll website got some new soundtracks, which we discovered when we went through some old and very dusty (cough) disks.

For the hardcore nostalgic surfer Mirko created the Mirko had a Spectrum site. You can download some of his oldest programs there, have fun and enjoy this nice site!

2002 - 06 - 09 Today I added our SpriteMagic demo to the hidden X-Troll department of this website. Finally I found it on an old disk. You have not found the hidden page yet?
Ok, this will be my last hint: Take a close look at the level maps to find it. It's really easy.
2002 - 06 - 05 Some updates at the links and credits department. Finally the C64 credits are shown too.
2002 - 06 - 03 Today I was trying to read some files from my old Megafile 30, it seems they are damaged. Did anybody know a tool which can display damaged IFF pictures? NEOchrome shows a part, which is still ok and then crashes. If there is no existing tool I have to write it myself to recover these graphics.
2002 - 06 - 02 Kevin Dempsey AKA SH3 (or Spare Head Three) of the Reservoir Gods promised to tell the LX story with some outstanding manga style comics. We feel very honored to work with you. Welcome to the LX-Team!
2002 - 06 - 01 Only a few more links, due to lack of time. What else? The Amiga from eBay has arrived. It's an old Amiga 500 with 1 MB and two floppy drives. I quickly soldered an adapter to plug it into my NEC Multisync 3D (BTW don't connect pin 13 to the other GND pins on the Amiga), and much to my surprise it worked just fine. Now we are fully equipped with all necessary Hardware to generate new disks. The unprotected classical version will be available soon. LX 2002 will follow this autumn or winter.
2002 - 05 - 27 Added a link to SIDPlug, a browser-plugin for listening to C64-SID tunes directly from your browser, to the jukebox department. SIDPlug is also available from our download-page.

I bought an Amiga with lots of stuff from eBay today. Now we can create a new Amiga-Version too. I will have to solder a parallel-port cable, to connect the Amiga to the ST, it should be a piece of cake then.

Since I am currently updating a Frontpage 2002 training book, I have simply no time for updates. I just added some links to the link-department. I will be very busy next week and I doubt that there will be any updates.

2002 - 05 - 22 Another update on the hidden X-Troll screen offers you my 1st demo called: "The Cyclone's New Year Demo 89/90". It's not brainblasting, it's not original, but I learned many things while coding it and it had been the reason for the creation of the AudioPac Demo.

And again Richard strikes back with two other English versions of the Lethal Xcess story.

2002 - 05 - 21 Richard Karsmakers mailed me a totally different story for Lethal Xcess. It had been the 1st story in 1991 before LX became the subtitle WoD II. Enjoy the original LX story from July 29th 1991 in our story department.
2002 - 05 - 20 The hidden X-Troll screen of this site has got an update. I added the AudioPac demo. There are two demos downloadable now. You still haven't found the page? I will give you a hint then: Think about the levels, it's very easy if you know the game.
2002 - 05 - 19 Alain Derpin sent me some C64 SID conversions of the LX tunes. They had been done by Thomas Detert for various Magazines. Visit the jukebox to download these great SID tunes. Alain did some nice MP3s with variable bitrate too, I will upload them within the next few days.

There are additional news available at our project progress page.

2002 - 05 - 17 Jérôme Hubert AKA Metal Ages from Cybernetics delivered me a stunning font that looks very similar to the LX intro font, but it's much bigger. It will be used in LX 2002 if possible.
2002 - 05 - 16 The god of Atari ST(E) sound Jochen Hippel AKA Mad Max of Tex is still alive and promised to support us with some nice stuff. There might be some surprises but I can't tell now, because we are not sure what has been lost over the years.
Jochen also delivered additional information on some external tools which caused some corrections in the credits department.
2002 - 05 - 14 What took us so long? We worked on LX in the last few days, if you want to know what we did exactly look at our new project progress page.
2002 - 05 - 03 Coming soon on http://lethalxcess.atari.org: A support section for all those classic gaming databases on the internet. You will find cover-scans, screenshots and technical details for your own websites there. Feel free to download whatever you need from this forthcoming section and use it for your non-commercial site.
2002 - 05 - 01 Redesigned the links section, since it had grown a bit, I think it was in need of categories, so here they are.
2002 - 04 - 29 I have a real Mega-STE now, we will try to fix the border-routines for these machines. So Lethal Xcess should run on 16 MHz STE with full speed.
2002 - 04 - 27 Today I created a new subdivision on the official Lethal Xcess Website. It's dedicated to the ST-demo-crew X-Troll and the page is hidden somewhere. If you know the game, you might be able to spot the link to that page. Think about it, it's easy...
2002 - 04 - 21 I just added some links to ST-Demo sites on the links page. You might already know these sites but I always forget the URLs, so finally I decided to put them on my site.
2002 - 04 - 16 Christophe Chapuis from France joined or team today, he will do additional artwork for Lethal Xcess.
Welcome Christophe! We feel honoured to work with you. We liked your graphics stuff from the very first second.
If you want to take a look at his previous work, just visit his website (http://homepage.mac.com/illien/). Unfortunately, his site seems to be offline since 30th Nov. 2002.
2002 - 04 - 14 Added the French review from ST MAG to the press section. There is a French and an English version available. The magazines cover is still missing, can you deliver a scan?
2002 - 04 - 08 Sebastien Larnac delivered me a scan of a French review of Lethal Xcess. It is taken from ST Mag issue 2/92 and will be added to the press section soon. The magazine itself had been scanned by Jean-Marc Stocklausen. Sebastien did a translation, many thanks for that.
2002 - 04 - 06 You thought the last message was a joke? Could have been, but we are really working on a new first level. The new level will feature brand new graphics as well as used Sprites from the other levels (if they match the general concept of this level). If you are interested in the current development, feel free to use the contact-button.
I will place a voting-system and some other project related stuff on this site in a new department, which will be called projects.
2002 - 04 - 01 We are currently working on an additional level for Lethal Xcess. It will be placed as the new first level, named "Approaching Methallycha". The release date is not known yet. There will be some other changes, e. g. optimising the engine for 4 MB RAM, because it only needs to run on STEEM and upgrading RAM is pretty cheap on emulators ;-)

This  screenshot should give you a first impression. It will probably look a little different in the final release.
2002 - 03 - 28 No updates today, because I am celebrating my birthday.
2002 - 03 - 27 Added the boss of level 2 to the gallery.
2002 - 03 - 25 Mirko's XTroll site is back online.
Finally it's there the review from the Atari ST User magazine, take a look at the press page.
2002 - 03 - 23 Credits have been updated, there where some serious typos which have been fixed, including a new design.
I included a new picture in the gallery.
2002 - 03 - 21 Alexander Holland, webmaster of the Thalion Webshrine sent me an email today, he will deliver some additional game-tests for the press-section. I think I will code the press pages with PHP afterwards.

Added some minor changes to the tech page and the credits.

2002 - 03 - 18 Due lack of time I can do only a few things for this site, started the real credits for Lethal Xcess today, but the page isn't finished yet.
2002 - 03 - 16 Begin of a technical comparison between Lethal Xcess and Wings of Death added to the Tech-Page.
2002 - 03 - 06 STEEM 2.2 is now officially released get a copy and run Lethal Xcess with it. Make sure to get a good autofire joystick or try the cheats if you haven't played a shoot 'em up lately ;-)
2002 - 03 - 04 The Atari Version of Lethal Xcess will be downloadable within the next few weeks. I'm in good hope we could match the official release of STEEM 2.2. Lethal Xcess will have a few improvements, not worth mentioning and will be released without any copy-protection. In the meantime check out the Thalion Webshrine if you need a ST(E) copy of Lethal Xcess.
2002 - 02 - 28
Wow, I can't believe it! Lethal Xcess runs on the STE-Emulator STEEM (Beta 2.2), great work guys. Thanks to Russ and everybody else who made this possible.


2002 - 02 - 28 Today it happened. This site is available from the URL http://lethalxcess.atari.org/ many thanks to the Atari-Org staff. Great site, guys!

Discovered some ugly things on the jukebox-page and fixed a problem with one cover of the ASM-review.

2002 - 02 - 24 The press page has been redesigned slightly.

Finally, I found the Amiga Power review myself, it was preserved in the Google-archive. The strange thing on this review is, that there should be no UK-Copy of Lethal Xcess.

There is another review in the UK Amiga Magazine, issue 60 / 1993, where Lethal Xcess got 83%. If you can supply a copy or scan of this article please send it to us.

2002 - 02 - 23 Today I discovered the homepage of Oedipus (http://www.islandia.is/~oedipus/), the guy who did the excellent midi conversion of the Lethal Xcess game tune. Unfortunately the site vanished from the web 30th Nov. 2002.

Amiga Power did a review of Lethal Xcess in issue 25. AFAIK they gave 70%. Could anybody supply a high-resolution scan of this review?

I'm still busy searching my old ST and Amiga-Disks for old graphics and other things

2002 - 02 - 13 Wow, with the speed of light Sebastian Eichholz - webmaster of www.kultpower.de - delivered a scan of the "Amiga-Magazin" review. You can find it among the other press stuff.

Today I discovered another review for Lethal Xcess in the "Amiga-Magazin" issue 3/92. If you can supply or lend the magazine, or if you  have the possibility to scan a hi-res version of the magazines-cover and the whole article, please contact me.

Good news from the Legacy, they are back online.

2002 - 02 - 12 The cover-scans of the German-game magazines are ready and have been published on the press-pages.
2002 - 02 - 11 Yes, I finally did it. I opened some old, dusty boxes on the attic of my parents house and found an old photo of Claus and me. Guess where you can find it.

I found the missing issue 9/91 of ASM with a preview of Lethal Xcess, and an issue of Amiga Joker where another Advert was placed. The text has been added to this site. In the next few days I will add the magazine covers and scanned versions of the tests.

2002 - 02 - 09 Added the German interview of the magazine PlayTime to the press-page.

Also put some new stuff on the Lethal Xcess download-page.

2002 - 02 - 08 PHP Jukebox implemented, now you don't have to load the huge level maps to listen to the Lethal Xcess tunes. Since you have now the ability to choose your favourite music, I erased the music from the level-maps.
2002 - 02 - 07 Added all in-game-music to the level pages in YM-format. You need the STSound-Plugin to hear them. Also fixed a bug which prevented the plugin from working with Netscape Navigator.

Inserted the PlayTime review from the Top-Games 1992 Magazine and the review from Amiga Joker 2/92.
Scanned some magazine-covers and articles. They will show up on these pages in the next few days.

2002 - 02 - 06 Finally I found a midi-version of the level 1 soundtrack. It will be available soon, on the Lethal-Xcess jukebox-page.
2002 - 02 - 05 Modified some sub-parts of the press page. Gerald M.-B. -  webmaster of the Thalion Source - wanted me redesign his mirrored test-pages to avoid mixing them up with his site. He kindly gave his permission to republish these pages and now they fit much better into this website.
2002 - 02 - 03 Added a page with the original story to Lethal Xcess.
Minor changes on the press and main level-page.
2002 - 01 - 03 Navigation Buttons redrawn and included. Page Layout modified. 
2002 - 01 - 02 Build in Navigation Buttons for testing (Not complete yet), HTML will be rewritten the next few days.
2002 - 01 - 01 We wish you a happy new year, there are several little changes on the Test and Link-Pages. Just check them out. Lethal Xcess still doesn't run on Steem or any other ST(E)-Emulator, but meanwhile you can enjoy it on the Amiga-Emulator WinUAE.
Lethal Xcess aka Wings of Death II a classic shoot'em up for Atari ST(E) and Amiga computers was developed by Claus Frein and Heinz Rudolf, Music by Jochen Hippel, Producer Marc Rosocha.


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